Jordane Maurs (*1979) lives and works in Berlin since 2007. She studied literature and ethnology at the Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot (LAC – Literature, Art and Cinema). In the context of a research project on female Tuareg poetry she spent one year in Mali and realized the film  Ntamat  (2005-2008). This experience also provided her with insights into the role of the francophonie in African countries, which later fed into her documentary film, The ignorant schoolmaster  comments  (2011).

Jordane Maurs produces films led by neo-colonialism issues. She also works as a dramaturgist and conducts since 2007 social and political workshops with film and photography as creative mean.

2012- 2015 she develops the documentary essay Role Plays, a biographical and autobiographical film about “humanitarian aid” in the neocolonial time, through the view of two young French men starting a career in the humanitarian sector.

Since 2016 she develops Appendix a follow-up to Role Plays’ Chapter 3.
2019 she collaborates with Satch Hoyt on Cleopatra’s Chariot, a film that
accompany the limited edition performances of Satch Hoyt and Earl Harvin.

Chosen works as film director/producer:

Role Plays, 58 min, HD video, 2015;  a biographical and autobiographical documentary essay about “humanitarian aid” in the neocolonial time.

The ignorant schoolmaster – Comments, 71 min, HD Video, 2011. A parable on authorityteaching and language, inspired by the book of the same name by contemporary philosopher Jacques Rancière.

N’Tamat, 43 min, video,  2005- 2008. 17 independent sequences about one year in Tuareg country, in the North of Mali. Production, Jordane Maurs

La divine, 26 min, video, 2004. Documentary about the Chinese composer Xu Yi. Key Light, “ZZ” and Arte productions