The Ignorant Schoolmaster

The Ignorant Schoolmaster – Comments, HD Video, 2011, 71’





The Ignorant Schoolmaster – Comments is a parable on authorityteaching and language, inspired by the book of the same name by contemporary philosopher Jacques Rancière. Regularly switching visual and narrative registers, the film combines observations at a bilingual elementary school in Berlin with conversations with French speaking Africans about body, language, and authority. The participants are coming from former French colonies: Congo Brazzaville, Benin and Senegal. Through association and gestures the educational and the colonial narrative develop cross-references: teaching, instruction, indoctrination, subordination become inseparable when it comes to learning a language.




Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 19.00 Kino Arsenal, Berlin, within the Point of View program

Film + Disscusion with the filmmaker

As a carte blanche, will be shown Mirt sost shi amit (Harvest: 3000 Years)  at 21.15. Haile Gerima, 16mm, Ethiopia 1975, 138’, Amharic w/ German subtitles

More infos: Point of View

>  4 May 2012, 14:oo,  XXVII. Black International Cinema Berlin/Germany & USA 2012 Rathaus Schöneberg (City Hall) John-F.-Kennedy-Platz, 10825 Berlin

> 01 April 2012, 20:00, Subversiv, Brunnenstrasse 7, (U-Bahnhof Rosenthaler Platz), Vokü + Film

> 8 November 2011, 20:45, Premiere in Moviemento by the Globale Filmfestival